Say "Yes" to the Dress......She's getting married!

When my great-grandmother's dress wasn't going to work I went on a short lived hunt for the "IT" dress twenty two years ag...


Say "Yes" to the Dress......She's getting married!

When my great-grandmother's dress wasn't going to work I went on a short lived hunt for the "IT" dress twenty two years ago.

And I found it.

It was beautiful. Big train, Sheer insets. Beautiful beading, But whoah, those poofy sleeves. Even Anne of Green Gables would have been over the top impressed with my poof sleeves.

"Anne took the dress and looked at it in reverent silence. Oh, how pretty it was--a lovely soft brown gloria with all the gloss of silk; a skirt with dainty frills and shirrings; a waist elaborately pintucked in the most fashionable way, with a little ruffle of filmy lace at the neck. But the sleeves--they were the crowning glory! ... Look at those sleeves! Oh, it seems to me this must be a happy dream."

Oh yes, the sleeves made the dress. The sleeves themselves could have been made into two more dresses by themselves. I wanted a beautiful dress and I ended up with almost 2 1/2 dresses because of those sleeves.

Tip - do not go dress shopping when you are taking 18 credit hours and don't have the time to really find your style.

And 22 years later those sleeves are exactly why I told my daughter to shop around. A lot.

The dress was great. Luckily the guy was better. But it taught me a lesson. Put a little more effort into wedding dress shopping!

So let the shopping begin!

Makayla has been so pleasant in the dress shopping process.

Makayla in her great, great grandma's wedding dress. It is 95 years old and still looks great!

And yes, it is a process.

My wedding dress. With Miss M #2 in it.



This little girl chose to be baptized a member of the LDS Church.

 For us as parents we understand 8 is young and many may think is a socially forced "choice." But we teach our kids baptism is the first step and a lifetime of learning follows. 

Getting baptized is the step to say "yes" I am committed to learn about God and live my life as He would want. We encourage them to question, we take them to visit other churches, we discuss "what if this all wasn't true?" 
Long and short, baptism into our faith is not a blind choice. Questioning is encouraged and we are o.k. if her faith or the other faith of our children wavers at times. They ultimately have the choice to continue in the faith of their parents. Either way we will always love them. 

But for now, it is very sweet and tender as our last child was baptized.

December cold called out for the warmth and novelty of a hot chocolate bar and 
accompanying sweet treats.


First Place

"Surgery Summer" gave her plenty of time to think of how she wanted to do her room. 

She was on a soft food diet when she finally felt well enough to do something, so she made her candle holders. She hobbled into the store and plopped down in a motorized scooter when she found the perfect accent pillow. Thanks to funds from Aunt Vivian. She hobbled around on crutches when we found the "peaceful picture." She was bored from being home day after day recovering when she found the perfect desk to refinish. It was the day of the move, when I had the final deadline to drill the holes for the rope handles.
One of the many feelings we all felt!

First Day of School 2.0

 2nd grade
How he really feels about it!
5th grade

Beautiful first day! 

I am so glad to be back on a traditional schedule. Although there are benefits to both schedules, traditional just feels right. Long, lazy summers then school in the fall.

I am a bit of a nerd. But fall and going back to school was one of my favorite times. New boxes of crayons. Sharply pointed pencils with a full, round erasers emitting a slight "pink" rubber smell.. New stiff, shoes. Reams of paper with no writing in it.

I am not a parent that relishes sending my kids off. We never quite have enough time together. However, there is something to be said about a schedule and moving forward to the next stage.


First Day of School 2015


After 15 years of sending kids off to school, I cried.

Not for a preschooler. Not for all day kindergartner, or elementary, or the first day of high school. But for my college student.

Because I wasn't there to make a "yumma" breakfast on the first day. I wasn't there to say, "oh, you look so cute in that outfit." Nor was I there to remind her it would be o.k., it was going to be a great day. I cried because it is a whole new chapter. Like most of the books I like, by the end, it has a happy ending or a great life story. But I am not quite at the end. So instead, I cried.

Surgery Summer Sucks


One week after graduation -  ACL surgery. 

In between surgeries she was subpoenaed in a court case.

Three weeks later -  double jaw surgery.  

Nausea is a horrible feeling. It is worse when you throw up and the mouth is banded shut.  Emergency cutting of the bands ensued. We both cried.

Rough weeks. 

The front room became another bedroom. 
Younger kids were all so kind and accepting of our no frills, "gotta be a nurse" summer.
No way I could leave her to go to girls camp when she was still sucking food out of a tube.
Randy rescued me and went in my place.

Lots of follow up appointments and rehab.

Surprise emergency room visit after she passed out and was cut by falling glass first week of college.

Next summer.....senior trip when she can fully walk and talk!

Posted doctor and hospital bills on fridge as incentive to go to medical school. 

Cayden ran and won his first half marathon despite getting to bed at 1 am (drive in movie night)!
  Respectively they came in 7th and 8th place overall with minimal training.

It was a trail run in the Herriman foothills - Herriman Hold'em Half.

Along side the runners were several groups of marines and other military personnel that completed the course with their full packs in honor of those that committed suicide from PTSD.  It was very moving to see this group as part of the runners.

Randy said it was fun to see Cayden transition from being coached and paced by him to Cayden ultimately setting the pace.

Estimating is a tricky thing and this time I totally missed. I assumed with trail run, little sleep, little training, and a first time experience it would take them around 1:45 to 2 hours. So I zipped home to do some work, and when I came back to capture finish photos they were already done and snacking on grapes and chocolate creamsicles.


It's a Win - Reflections 2014

Reflections 2014 Pictured with Principal and "Buddy" the Bobcat

The little dancer choreographed and danced to Yanni's "Santorini." The theme was the "World Would be a Better Place If...." people would smile and like being themselves.  Makenzy to mom, "Mom this is my first real trophy!"  


Princess Festival

Throw back to Princess Festival 2013.  

It is coming up again and my little princess definitely wants to go again.  We've had the cd in truck long enough and she knows every word to "There is a Princess in Me."

Savory Salt Lake 2014

Had a great time at one of the greatest foodie events in Salt Lake - Savory Salt Lake at the Leonardo.

Met Devin Logan, silver medalist in the first ever Slopestyle Skiing competition at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi too.  She let us handle her medal, it was beautiful and heavy!

We got to sample from R & R BBQ, Frida Birstro, MacCool's Public House, Riverhorse on Main, Salt Bistro at the Leonardo, Salt lake Culinary Center and Tin Angel with desserts from Carlucci's Bakery, Chocolot, Eva's Baker, Les Madeleines, and Vinto Pizzeria. Our favorites took the people's choice award, R & R BBQ and the gelator from Vinto's.  Ahh and yum! Our mouths went away very happy.

During clean up, we were offered to take home the beautiful flower arrangements too.  Now there are birds of paradise clumped up beautifully on the kitchen island. Perfect for Mother's Day.

Libations were provided by Ogden's Own Five Wives Vodka and Roosters Brewing, but we skipped that of course.